D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!

Created by Certifiable Studios

Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!

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10 months ago – Thu, May 09, 2019 at 02:08:21 AM

As you already know, there's a lot going into this not so little game called D6.  So much so, packing and storage could be less than fun if we don't play our cards right.  Lucky for us, Anthony doesn't play around when it comes to organization. 

As graceful as Anthony has proven to be when designing the inserts, however, even he needs a break every once in awhile. Unfortunately, Jesse will never let him live it down.  :)

And if that didn't boost your spirits...

So...if you want one of these completely awesome but totally unnecessary boosters for your D6 game, e-mail us at moneygrab@certifiablestudios.com.  And yes, it will totally fit in the box. 

To recap for those of you that don't watch the videos:

- Anthony is awesome and designed killer insert trays to accommodate everything for happy packing and storage!  It's a big box, but it's an even bigger value!  :)  We always design with card sleeves in mind. You don't have to sleeve your cards, but they will fit if you do. 

- Jesse's inspiration comes from many places...including Anthony's humiliation. Jesse is a d*ck! 

- There is a new D6 booster available for $11. It includes 7 characters with standees and 6 new playable cards to unnecessarily enhance the already ridiculously complete game you previously bought. Is this a shameless money grab?  Yes. Yes it is.  E-mail moneygrab@certifiablestudios.com if you fell for it. :)

Have a great Wednesday!


Last Last Chance!
10 months ago – Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 02:17:07 AM

You've heard this before, but we mean it this time.  Well, we meant it last time, too, but...   :)

Base Game Backers

So...for those of you that backed us during the Kickstarter campaign and are still considering upgrading from the base game to the deluxe version with the slip case, this is your last chance to do so at the original Kickstarter prices.  The prices for new orders are now $84 for the base game and $119 for the deluxe version with the slip case, but by upgrading now you'll get it at the original $99 price.  Also, we are only doing a limited order of the slip cases, so this is the last chance to make sure you get it.  Just e-mail me at rick@certifiablestudios.com if you are interested. 

Last chance to upgrade to the deluxe with limited slip case for the original KS price! (Only if you backed during the campaign)
Last chance to upgrade to the deluxe with limited slip case for the original KS price! (Only if you backed during the campaign)


We are only ordering a very small amount of the limted Kraken dice over what we pre-sell, so order now if interested.  E-mail rick@certifiablestudios.com before Monday afternoon and I'll add them for you. Or don't. Just don't yell at me. 

$16 for each set
$16 for each set


The D6 coin can still be added until Monday as well. We are going to produce more of the Endangered Orphans coins than orders account for, but the D6 coin will have a limited overrun. E-mail rick@certifiablestudios.com by Monday if you'd like one. 

D6 Collector's Coins are $12 each
D6 Collector's Coins are $12 each


Lastly, we've added a second jigsaw puzzle to our offering.  The new one will be made regardless of pre-orders, but this is a chance to get it with no additional shipping.  So that's cool, right?  As with everything, e-mail rick@certifiablestudios.com if you'd like.  

Each puzzle is $22, or you can get both for $38
Each puzzle is $22, or you can get both for $38

 Have a great weekend!

- The Certifiable Team

11 months ago – Tue, Apr 02, 2019 at 02:06:33 AM

We hope you all had a great weekend!  Just keeping you up to date as we finalize the game for manufacturing.  Got some new samples printed, and wanted to share. 

If you'd like more specifics about what the symbols on the decks mean, here's a quick D6 tutorial. But keep in mind the art, symbols, icons, colors, letters, words, or anything else we want to mess with are subject to change for no good reason at all up until we send the final file to the manufacturer.

For those of you that are new to Certifiable's games, we like to sleeve our cards and make sure there is room in the inserts once they are sleeved as well. This certainly doesn't mean you have to sleeve them, so this is just for those of you that do.  For card sleeves, we always get lots of questions about size and quantities, and this is what you need to know.   

The cards will be 63 x 88 mm, or 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which is a standard poker size. The base game will come with 247 cards, the expansion will add 12 more, and each Kraken Dice set adds 4 each.

In terms of pledge levels, that means: 

The Hunting License (Bounty Collector) pledge level will have 247 cards.

The Key to the Village (Heroes and Heroines) pledge level will have 259 cards.

The Whole Kingdom (Greedy Bastard Sword) pledge level will have 267 cards. 

Now that the cards have been covered, you are now free to have a great day, but don't be too foolish!

- The Certifiable Team

12 months ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 02:12:02 AM

Happy Monday, everyone!  (it is Monday, right?)

If we've learned one thing in our first few years on Kickstarter, it's that there are all types of backers out there.  And with all types of backers, comes all types of needs and wants when it comes to updates. So...




As we march toward providing the manufacturers with the final details to start cranking on D6, one thing has become crystal clear at Certifiable Studios...Jesse is a big baby when he doesn't get his way. In fact, he may very well be the greediest bastard we know. Well...except for you, of course.  And the pouting and moping are just insufferable. One of the stretch goals we hoped to hit by the end of the campaign was to upgrade the environment pieces from punch board to incredibly sexy plastic terrain.  We didn't quite make it, but that didn't stop us from wanting it to happen...and we are called Certifiable for a reason. Now for all the backers out there that pride themselves on being greedy (you know who you are), you'll get plastic terrain instead of the punch board version.  If "greedy" doesn't describe you and the punch board is just fine...great. We'll save the money and apply it to the Kleenex fund for when Jesse doesn't get his way next time.


Wait! Who are we kidding? We'd never be able to keep up with who gets what. Hell, we can barely keep up with what day of the week it is, so plastic terrain for everyone!  Rick may be acting like he's moping in his office as he complains about how much more money this will cost, but he's really more excited than anyone about his new playset. 

So which team are you on?  Team "HELL YEAH, I'M GREEDY" or Team "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, ALREADY"? 

Have a great week!  

- The Certifiable team

p.s. If anyone complains about this upgrade, Rick will probably earmark your game as the last to be sent. :)

12 months ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 12:37:21 AM


 Another update? We’re not giving those greedy backers another update until it snows in March! IN MISSI--FRIGGIN--SIPPI! Like THAT'S ever gonna happen!

 *looks out window*

Wellll, s***.

Solo Board

The focus of this segment of our update is just like the temps right now: SOLO. Get it? So...lo? As in “so low”? You know what...forget it. (They can’t all be winners, people.)

As we continue to get D6 ready for production, we’re dialing in the final design on the various components. In this particular case, we’re literally dialing it in. Check out the tasty dial on the solo board—it’s progressing nicely, if we do say so ourselves. (And we do.) Check out the video for all the details on where the solo game currently stands. 

Thugs: OUT. Cubes and Fairy Blob Things: IN. 

The original Rent-a-Thug mechanic has been updated, with gelatinous cubes replacing the thugs. Why? Because jelly boxes that digest whatever's in their path are pretty friggin’ awesome, okay? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS?! Cool. We made another video. 

The Playset Gets Even...Play-ier?

From early in the development process of D6, Rick has been excited about there being a “playset” feel to the game. While we usually don't like to make Rick happy, we decided this may be a good time to make an exception.

Have a great week, friends! 

Until next time,

  - The Certifiable Team