D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!

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Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!

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3 months ago – Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 12:37:21 AM


 Another update? We’re not giving those greedy backers another update until it snows in March! IN MISSI--FRIGGIN--SIPPI! Like THAT'S ever gonna happen!

 *looks out window*

Wellll, s***.

Solo Board

The focus of this segment of our update is just like the temps right now: SOLO. Get it? So...lo? As in “so low”? You know what...forget it. (They can’t all be winners, people.)

As we continue to get D6 ready for production, we’re dialing in the final design on the various components. In this particular case, we’re literally dialing it in. Check out the tasty dial on the solo board—it’s progressing nicely, if we do say so ourselves. (And we do.) Check out the video for all the details on where the solo game currently stands. 

Thugs: OUT. Cubes and Fairy Blob Things: IN. 

The original Rent-a-Thug mechanic has been updated, with gelatinous cubes replacing the thugs. Why? Because jelly boxes that digest whatever's in their path are pretty friggin’ awesome, okay? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS?! Cool. We made another video. 

The Playset Gets Even...Play-ier?

From early in the development process of D6, Rick has been excited about there being a “playset” feel to the game. While we usually don't like to make Rick happy, we decided this may be a good time to make an exception.

Have a great week, friends! 

Until next time,

  - The Certifiable Team

3 months ago – Fri, Feb 15, 2019 at 12:39:33 AM

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

If you are wishing you had added an Endangered Orphans Coin to your D6 order (why would you?), but are cursing because your order is locked down, just send Rick an e-mail at rick@certifiablestudios.com. He'd be happy to add it for you.  No additional shipping since it will be sent with the game. 


Also, if you'd like to see more about the process of making the coin, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter. 


Happy Valentine's Day from the Certifiable Team! 

Release the Kraken!
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 12:22:54 AM

Happy Monday, everyone (unless it's already Tuesday where you are)!

We will be locking down orders and charging cards in the coming hours, but we got a little treat in from Kraken that we're excited about and wanted to share! 

As they mentioned, these aren't the actual size, but we really are excited to see them come to life.  

For those of you that haven't completed your survey, please do so as soon as you can. Today's lock down of orders influences our order quantities to the manufacturer, but we will still be accepting future pledge surveys that haven't yet been completed and pre-orders, too.  

Thanks for all your support!

- The Certifiable Team

3 months ago – Sat, Feb 09, 2019 at 01:59:40 AM

Joking aside, we really do love and appreciate your feedback and support.  As the pieces and parts come together, we are getting more and more excited about getting this game to your table.  What's next?

The time has come to lock down the pledges for D6, so if you haven't completed your survey yet, there's no time like the present, right?   We mentioned during the last update that we were going to lock the pledges and charge cards this week, but we are actually going to give you one more weekend to make changes if you'd like.  In the meantime... 

As mentioned, the game will come with a punch board insert for the compass dial, so don't feel pressured to get the coin.  Of course, it's not too late to add it to your order if you'd like, but completely unnecessary from a game function standpoint.  

As of this moment, 86% of you have completed your survey. Thank you.  Until next time, have a great weekend and we'll have more to share very soon!

- The Certifiable team

Maps, Manual, Minis, Manager, and More!
4 months ago – Sat, Feb 02, 2019 at 11:06:45 PM

Happy February, everybody!  We hope your 2019 has gotten off to a fantastic start. D6 has come a long way since the last time we checked in, and we’re excited to tell you about some of the things we’ve been working on.


During the campaign, you beautiful backers unlocked a pretty significant stretch goal: a two-sided map! Jesse’s been working diligently on a couple of different options for the reverse side. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve tried to keep D6’s replayability in mind throughout the design process, and the map is no exception. Makes sense, though, right? The other side of the world should look and feel different...and perhaps be a bit more difficult to master? 

“What’s it going to look like?” you may be asking yourself. Well...we’re still working on that. Jesse has gone down two different paths in his quest to diversify the aesthetic of the artwork. 

The first option is very different. It's very much an homage to RPGs and the DMs who run them. Think graph paper, scattered notes, etc. It’ll have an “artfully disheveled” vibe that’s very different than side one. It's also significantly more advanced (extra buffs, tougher to navigate, etc.). It won't be for everybody, but if you're looking to really challenge yourself or just appreciate the different look, this just might be the one you gravitate towards.

The second option is more similar to the map you (hopefully) know and love from the campaign. It's colorful, easy to read, and has a clean overall look. The lands are in different locations, etc., but it definitely shares more in common with its predecessor than the first variation does. In short: Yes, it's different, but in a way that feels familiar.

It's possible we'll devote an entire update to the map once a final direction is chosen. In the meantime, feel free to comment on your favorite. And for those of you whose pick isn't chosen, don't pay your angry mob quite yet: There's talk of providing a PDF version of whichever option doesn’t get chosen. So there.

The Manual 

We originally planned to have a list of 100 DM interventions that players would roll for throughout the game. You’ll only use a few of them each game, so again...tons of replay value. Well, the good news is that the book does indeed have that list of 100 DM interventions. 

The other good news is that there are going to be more lists in addition to that (likely by the ten/dozen so you can roll a D10 or D12 for them). How many more? A couple? A few? We’re still working that out. By the time we compiled the ones we’d written pre-campaign and the ones written to accompany some tasty artwork from Jesse that didn’t have a home yet and the ones that just kept coming to us, we had more than we bargained for. So now you get more than you bargained for! (Have we mentioned replay value yet? I feel like we have.)


Remember those new classes you stretched for? Anthony has finished designing the bard, werewolf, and cleric minis, and they look good. But don’t take our word for it: Check ‘em out! 

Disclaimer: Actual minis won’t rotate dramatically...at least not without some manual assistance. (Video footage with accompanying dramatic music or it didn't happen.)
Disclaimer: Actual minis won’t rotate dramatically...at least not without some manual assistance. (Video footage with accompanying dramatic music or it didn't happen.)

Pledge Manager Update

For those of you who have been clamoring for us to take your monies since the surveys went out, Rick will be charging cards next week. And yes, you still have time to change your pledge! Underneath the GET STARTED button is a clickable link that allows you to switch.  

If you have any issues or questions, just shoot Rick an e-mail at rick@certifiablestudios.com. For the love of all that's good, don't send any of us that stuff. That said, we always appreciate words of encouragement in general and lyric poetry gushing about our good looks in particular.

Until next time, and (as always) thanks so much for your support!

- The Certifiable Team