D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons!

Created by Certifiable Studios

Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice and Dragons! Play the game where you play the role of a player playing a role-playing game!

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over 1 year ago – Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 11:25:52 PM

We have some amazing backers who have thrown their support behind D6. Now we’re asking you to show some love to those who could use it even more. For those who are familiar with our previous campaigns, you know what that means: time for some Social Sugar Goats (stretch goals)!

There are three ways to help us help you by hitting these goals. Don’t think of them as “choices” or “options,” though—why not go ahead and do all three?

1) Do something nice for animals. 

You can donate time, money, or resources to an animal shelter or wildlife organization, “adopt” an endangered animal, or whatever else your generous, critter-lovin’ heart desires. Both the type and amount of your contribution are completely up to you.

At some point while performing your act of service, snap a photo of yourself with this proof-of-kindness graphic. You can print out the image or get someone to take a pic with you holding it on your phone. However you do it is fine as long as you post your pic in a comment on this Facebook post. (If you don’t use Facebook, no worries; just email your proof-of-kindness pic to Rick Moore at rick@certifiablestudios.com.)

2) Do something nice for children. 

Again, it’s helper’s choice here. You can donate money to a children’s hospital or a children’s home, volunteer as a tutor...whatever you want as long as it directly benefits children.

Same deal with the proof-of-kindness graphic and Facebook post. (See #1.)

3) Share even more love for D6. 

This one does require a Facebook account. Simply share this post. Doesn’t get much easier than that, folks.

Now that we've taken care of the “social” aspect, it’s time to explain the “stretch goal” part….

50 (verifiable) good deeds for children = one new Cleric hero unlocked

50 (verifiable) good deeds for animals = one new Cleric hero unlocked

50 shares of our D6 post = one new Cleric hero unlocked

For anyone tempted to take a shortcut and think, “Okay, cool—I’ll just take care of a whole category by donating $1 to my local animal shelter...50 times.” Nope. We need 50 separate backers for each category. The same backer can qualify in multiple categories, but not more than once in the same category.

At this point, you’re probably asking, “But what happens if we reach all three stretch goals? Surely you’re going to give us more, right? More, more, moooore!!” (We know how you are.)

Some of you have asked for it...a few of you have demanded it...and one or two of you have offered to trade your firstborn for it. (Nice try, but the nursery is currently full from previous campaigns.) If all three social stretch goals are reached, you’ll unlock a whole new hero class for the game! (Hint: It’s the Cleric.)

And if there are any concerns about us putting our money where our mouth is on the charitable acts front, allow us to alleviate them. We'll be doing our part for the kids and animals, too, and we'll share those pics in the Facebook post. Heck, we may even apply our efforts to those totals so you won't have to quite hit 50. (We want the Cleric class just as much as you do.) 

Now go do some good, you good-doing do-gooders!

Oh! And one more thing before we sign off. Remember: The next custom hero card is up for grabs tomorrow! The same (Un)lucky Bastard tier will open back up for one more backer at 3:00am CDT on Friday. (Same tier, but the limit increases to two.) If you want to disappoint Anthony by snatching his custom-designed card out from under him, have your wallet and your clickin' finger at the ready!

Until next time!

- The Team at Certifiable

over 1 year ago – Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 10:26:56 AM

It has been another good week for D6, and we owe a big thanks to all of you for supporting us.

Design A Hero

Congratulations to Pauline for snagging the second "Design A Hero" tier and also for designing a pretty awesome character (with a little help from Jesse).

So, that leaves just one more slot for the "Design A Hero" tier. Anyone interested in getting this last character will need to be ready on Friday, Oct. 19 at 10AM CDT. Who is going to get the last one?

Social Stretch Goals

Everyone has been doing a great job helping to unlock the Social Stretch Goals. We are getting very close to the halfway point. 

As of this update, we have 20 acts of kindness for animals and 16 acts of kindness for children. We don't even need to mention the Facebook post that needed to be shared. You all blew that one out of the water on the first day!

And if helping animals and children isn't a good enough reason to reach these Social Stretch Goals, then consider all the extra money you will make Rick have to spend on that extra class. That would definitely motivate us at least! 

When you donate, make sure and post your proof in the comments HERE.


We have received a lot of questions from backers who are wanting to know if we will be going to Essen this year. A month ago the answer would have been yes. But unfortunately due to a few unavoidable factors, we will not be going to Essen this year. We are all a little disappointed with having to make that decision. There is still good news. All that means is, we will now be able to focus our efforts on D6.

PAX Unplugged

We may not be going to Essen, but we will have a booth at PAX Unplugged this year. The show is November 30 - December 2 in Philadelphia, PA. If you're going to the show be sure to stop by our booth and say hi.

Thank you all again for your continued support. We hope you have a great week.

-The Certifiable Team

over 1 year ago – Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 08:37:53 AM

In all our excitement to post the last update introducing our new hero, we left a pretty important piece out in the cold!  Rick will try to blame it on pain meds from the surgery he just had on his arm, but the truth is he just screwed up.  Are you really surprised?

 Now, wasn't that worth the wait?

- The Certifiable TeAM

over 1 year ago – Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 11:25:02 PM

Well, it's been a fantastic first week for D6! 

Congratulations, Mathieu, for being the first (un)lucky bastard to get a character in the game.  Keep in mind, it may be his design, but everybody gets it! Who's next? 

Do we have another willing backer?  The same (Un)lucky Bastard tier will open back up for one more backer at 3:00am CDT Friday morning.  Same tier, but the limit increases to two!

For those of you that backed Endangered Orphans, we added a Collector's Coin you may be interested in.  Then again, you can get it even if you didn't back Endangered Orphans, but we wanted you to know it was added to the add on section just in case. Again, no real use, just didn't want to leave our first game out of the collection. 

 Thank you for a great first week!  Lots more to come! 

- Rick and the Certifiable team

over 1 year ago – Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 03:54:47 PM

Want to be part of the game?

Here's your chance...or not!  Tomorrow at 6pm CDT, we will add an extremely over-priced and limited tier for one of you to make your mark on D6. Want a character to look like you? Your cat? Like me?  Here's your chance to make that happen.  For the outrageous price of $346, you can work with Jesse to create the character, the chib-out form, and the backstory.  The best part is you'll get everything in the Greedy Bastard tier for free, and we will probably throw in an art book, dice cup or two, and maybe some of Jesse's dirty socks.  What could be better than that?  If, as we assume you are, actually smarter with your money and nobody gets it after 24 hours, Brent will get it.  Next week, we'll do it again at a time to be announced.  Again, if nobody gets it, Anthony will "direct" Jesse (a sight to be seen).  But most importantly, the next week is my chance to be immortalized and put in everyone's game!  We also have some pretty good Sugar Goats on the horizon if we can reach them, so please spread the word so we can all gain the glory! 

- Rick and the Certifiable team